Plate Heat Exchanger


Grano Heat Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Focuses on R&D, manufacturing, counseling and service for Plate Heat Exchangers. Grano has developed Snap-on Plate Heat Exchangers, welded Heat Exchangers and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers which could be used in HVAC, power plant, petrochemical, food &pharmaceutical, marine, steel &metal, mechanism etc.


Our products (plate heat exchangers, gaskets and plates) can be the perfect alternative to Alfa Laval, SPX, APV, GEA, Tranter, Swep, Grano, API.Schmidt, Funke, Thermowave, Vicarb.Grano is one of leading global suppliers of products and solutions for heat transfer through our key products – heat exchangers, accessories and valves.


We provide the cleaning services to extending your equipment’s lifetime Keeping equipment clean can be of vital importance to operational process efficiency. With our cleaning services, process surfaces are restored to optimal condition, which lowers the maintenance costs and extends your equipment’s lifetime. And by saving energy, you can lower your operating costs as well.


Multi-segment stainless steel plate heat exchanger

Detachable plate heat exchanger

Brazed heat exchanger